The Peregrine: Proof of Concept

We’ve been dropping hints of the Peregrine over the last few months, and here it finally is. Essentially the Peregrine is a eugenics projects combining the best aspects of the other Birds of Prey in the collection, specifically with an eye for parkour applications. 


-Breathable&Durable: Military-grade cotton ripstop; light weight but hardy

-Unrestricted Mobility: The sleeve is a combination of concepts from the Harrier (shoulder) and Kestrel (cuff), allowing for enhanced range of motion in the upper arm and precision where it matters.

-Removable Hood: Completely restructured for a better fit while using the same connection points of the Eagle, allowing the two styles to be switched out at any point.

-Length: The Peregrine is about 4 inches longer than the Falcon[shown in the last two photos], this makes it ideal for protection during rolls and slides.

Of course we are still perfecting certain details, but we feel like this is a great first version.

More to come.

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