Can you imagine how the kiss was invented? Like someone was probably all like: “Hey! I really like you! I like you so much that I want to press my face against your face. Even better, I want to suck it too!” And the other person was probably like: “WHOA! This is really weird but it’s great! Let’s do it some more!”

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I think I’m getting high.

    Girls and gaming

  • Okay so on play station my user name is basically 'Beotch please' and every time I play on multiplayer I have the same conversation: 
  • Random guy: HAHA, Beotch please?!?!?
  • Me: yeah! Its great! Don't hate on the name.
  • Random guy: Oh no it is great, I love it!! I think it's the best name I've seen on here!! Wanna trade numbers?
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Four Wongs make a Wright

Found this on facebook

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Totally my jam guys.

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Just wonderful.

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